Townsend, Devin - Puzzle, The (Limited Edition 2CD+Blu-Ray Digipak with O-Card) - CD - New - PRE-ORDER


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6 panel, 3 discs, Digipak with O-card and 12 Page Booklet

3 Disc Set containing CDs with both albums, a blu-ray disc with The Puzzle movie in 5.1 DTS and Stereo audio. 6 Panel Digipak, 12-page booklet, O-card. 

Track Listing

CD 1: The Puzzle:
  1. Chromatic Ridge
  2. Life Is But A Dream
  3. Yucky Lung
  4. Kittenhead
  5. Shark In The Ice
  6. Devil In The Details
  7. Hammerhead Sugarplum
  8. Me And The Moon
  9. Murmurs in The Grid
  10. The Yugas
  11. Albert Hall
  12. StarChasm
  13. Perfect Owl
  14. Maybe Over The Void
  15. Light Year Whale
  16. FrogFlowers
  17. Mother
  18. Southern Sky Geometry
  19. The Puzzle
  20. Monuments Of Glitch


    CD2: Snuggles:
    1. Beyond Measure
    2. Blue Dot
    3. Drifting And Dreaming
    4. Sundance
    5. Minds Are Changing
    6. The Ocean
    7. Distant, Elegant
    8. Replikiss
    9. I Agree
    10. Tryst
    11. Sunset Rump
    12. The Option


    Blu-Ray (Stereo and 5.1 Audio) The Puzzle / Snuggles Movie:

    (Note: The Movie soundtrack differs from the CD-Audio)

    1. Chromatic Ridge
    2. Yucky Lung
    3. Shark In The Ice
    4. Devil In The Details
    5. Hammerhead Sugarplum
    6. Albert Hall
    7. Light Year Whale
    8. The Puzzle
    9. Mother
    10. Anxiety In Pyjamas
    11. Me And The Moon
    12. Distant, Elegant
    13. Life Is But A Dream
    14. Monuments Of Glitch
    15. Beyond Measure
    16. Blue Dot
    17. Drifting And Dreaming
    18. Sundance
    19. Minds Are Changing
    20. The Ocean
    21. Distant, Elegant
    22. Replikiss
    23. I Agree
    24. Tryst
    25. Sunset Rump
    26. The Option

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