Top 10 Most Popular Metal Bands of All time

Metal bands have a rich history, dating back to the 1960s. Most of these bands have proven consistent over the years with their loud, thick monumental sound and unique style of rock music. Here are the top ten most popular metal bands of all time.

Most Popular Metal Bands of all time


Metallica has created a name for itself as one of America's most outstanding metal bands. Based in Los Angeles, California, the band was confounded in 1981 by drummer Lars Ulrich and vocalist James Hetfield. Metallica’s aggressive style and fast instruments placed them at the top of the big four groups of Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, and thrash metal. Check out Metallica t-shirts here. 


The Tool band has bagged multiple Grammy Awards for Best Metal Performance. In 1997, the group won the award for the song Ænema with another award in 2001 with the Schism. This band was cofounded in Los Angelis by bassist Paul D'Amour, percussionist Danny Carey, vocalist Maynard James Keenan, and guitarist Adam Jones.


Death was founded in Altamonte Springs, Florida, in the late 1980s by Chuck Schuldiner. It is known for its highly distorted and low-tuned guitars, deep growling vocals, aggressive drumming, and complex song structures.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden is one of the best English heavy metal bands, created in 1975 by songwriter Steve Harris. The band's brilliant combination of superb heavy metal, great vocals, and unmatched riffs has earned them a huge fan base worldwide.

Judas Priest

Judas Priest was created in West Bromwich in the late 1960s. The band is known for its powerful dual-guitar attack, aggressive vocals, and groundbreaking use of synthesizers in heavy metal. By far, Judas Priest has sold more than fifty million albums.


Kiss is undeniably one of the best-selling bands of all time, having sold over 100 million records across the globe. This rock band was formed in New York City in 1973 and has since dominated the world of theatrical stage performances.


The Pantera group was formed in 1981 in Arlington, Texas. Although the band originated in the early 1980s, it was not until the release of their great hit (Cowboys From Hell) in 1990 that the group rose to stardom.

Motley Crue

Motley Crue is famous for its bombastic metal sound, aggressive life performances, and hard rock. The group consists of drummer Tommy Lee, lead singer Vince Neil, bassist Nikki Sixx, and lead guitarist Mick Mars.


As one of America's most popular thrash metal bands, Slayer was founded in 1981 by guitarists Kerry King and Jeff Hanneman. The band's musical style involves shouted vocals, outrageous performances, double bass drumming, and fast tremolo picking.


Megadeth was created in 1983 by Dave Mustaine in Los Angeles, California. The group has sold over fifty million records, pocketed several certifications, and won about 12 Grammy Awards.