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POWERWOLF have come to reveal their faces to the world of metal! Fronted by the classically trained Romanian vocalist Attila Dorn, POWERWOLF are a rising star in the cosmos of metal music. Founded by the brothers Charles and Matthew Greywolf, the bands line up was completed when they met Attila Dorn in Romania. Fascinated by the Greywolf brothers’ musical visions Attila didn’t hesitate to follow them to Germany to join their band – this was the birth of the mighty POWERWOLF. The songs possess an original yet very catchy touch. Dorn, brought an open minded approach to the music and a widespread background of unusual influences. “I was amazed how good the combination of my classical vocal background and my new found passion for heroic metal music fitted together when we started writing songs,” says Dorn, who also brought his long time fascination for ancient Romanian mystery into the band. “Some might think that it’s a worn out thing to talk about werewolves and mystery. It might be for Western European people who have never seen the beauty of Transylvania and have never looked into a wolf’s eyes. But I don’t talk about it because I have seen one or two films about it, it is a part of me, it is a part of my traditional inheritance and culture. Romanians always had an intense relation to the ancient stories.” 

1. Mr. Sinister
2. We came to take your souls
3. Kiss of the cobra king
4. Black mass hysteria
5. Demons & diamonds
6. Montecore
7. The evil made me do it
8. Lucifer in starlight
9. Son of the morning star



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